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In medical institutions

Advertising in polyclinics, hospitals, private health care and other medical institutions

Extensive demonstration network, purposefully selected high visibility locations. Advertising on a dynamic billboard, a billboard – is a direct access to the user, which allows to achieve a more effective advertising result.

Over 500 advertising spaces in Lithuanian hospitals, clinics, polyclinics and primary health care centers (PSPC).

15 stands with an automatic poster movement system in the largest Lithuanian polyclinics.

Demonstration of an information poster from 0.5 Eur / day.

We offer several ways to present information in polyclinics, primary health care centers (PSPC), hospitals and other medical institutions:

Information poster on wall stands (* price from 0.8 Eur / day)
Information sticker on the floor (temporary sticker)
Advertising in flyers, leaflets, etc. t. (* distribution of the press, distribution in institutions from 0.03 Eur / unit, or from 15 Eur place in a medical institution)
Advertising in polyclinic stands (reception, lobby, doctor’s office, etc.) (* price from 5 Eur / day)

* There are additional conditions, prices are without VAT.

Posters are displayed during hanging and are photographed and sent to the client every month in the form of a report (preparation of the report is paid and presented only on a pre-agreed schedule)