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Stands, pylons and ACP signs with vinyl sticker

Stands, pylons and ACP signs with vinyl sticker

Signs and billboards, tourist maps, signs, wooden or metal, billboards and billboards, pylons,road signs, construction site information stands, warning stands, warning stands or PVC tarpaulin material.

Warning information stickers (anti-vandal, reflective, fluorescent or stickers with phosphor who light naturaly at night ) and awnings (awnings with metal rings). Design, production, renovation, repair and installation of panels, stands.

Investments of EU funds in 2014-2020 consulting, layout, design, production and installation, dismantling of publicity stands of structural funds and other support / development / planning programs.

The price of the manufactured stand and panel depends on the dimensions, type, construction of the designed stand, and the place where the stand will be installed also has an influence. The production of the stands requires a solid body, which is welded or fastened with nuts. The base of the panel is made of 3-8 mm thick plastic, composite panel, galvanized sheet metal or PVC tarpaulin. If the panel needs to be designed with a metal housing with a foot of appropriate height, attention should be focus to the ground and the prevailing winds at the planned location.

Based on these data it will be possible to calculate the cost of manufacturing a metal structure, we do not recommend taking the initiative and producing a stand without paying attention to the listed remarks, as an improperly manufactured and built stand poses a danger to surrounding buildings, traffic and of course people who walks near it.