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Outside and inside volumetric advertising

Outside and inside volumetric advertising

A volumetric outdoor sign, an informative advertising tool is installed on the facade of the building as the main sign of the company’s recognition and exclusivity.

Each volume advertisement is produced individually, therefore the production price and production of volume signs depends on the selected materials and production time, installation options.

The environmental impact on the outdoor signboard is huge (south or north side of the building, constant UV light, windy side, car pollution, vibration, facade color, rain, etc.), so you need to choose materials wisely and responsibly to make the signboard last as long as possible.

We produce outdoor advertising signs of various sizes and dimensions. For the production of volumetric outdoor and indoor signs, plastic or aluminum sheets of various colors, clear or colored plexiglass are used. We manufacture from various materials, design appropriate sign sizes and offer various outdoor advertising lighting options, giving products long-term guarantees.

Economical LED lighting is installed, which guarantees low electricity consumption, even light distribution and longevity.

Coordination of advertising production project: advertising design (project preparation), coordination with relevant institutions, production in Lithuania and mounting in all Europe.

The joy of a low price lasts less than the sadness of poor quality.

Advertising engineers design and prepare visual and volumetric advertising projects and coordinate projects with city municipalities.

Advertising design, production, installation. Advertising sign maintenance services, sign renewal and renovation works are performed throughout Lithuania.

We invite business center administrators to sign inside and outside advertising maintenance contracts and all design, production, installation and warranty / post-warranty maintenance issues will be handled by our specialists.