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Light boards and light boxes

Light boards and light boxes

Outdoor advertising solution – a set of milled, bented plastic or aluminum frame lightboxes, display boards, light panels.

Outdoor and indoor light boxes, light boxes with aureole lighting, light boxes with plastic or aluminum frame.

We produce light boxes of reinforced frame, which are designed for mounting on tower cranes (lightboxes on tower cranes).

Each light box is manufactured individually. It is necessary to choose materials wisely so that the sign will last as long as possible, as the environmental impact on the outdoor sign is huge. (UV exposure to light boxes depends on whether it is the south or north side of the building, the windy side, car pollution, vibration, facade color, rain, etc.).

A variety of materials are used for the production of light boxes, plastic of various colors, aluminum composite panels, aluminum frame, clear or colored plexiglass.

LED lighting technology is very economical, long-lasting and allows to produce ultra-thin corps signs. We use a programmable timer or automatic light sensors to turn on the volumectric letter lighting so you do not need to turn on and off the advertising signs yourself.

To find out the price of an outdoor sign, what will it look like on the building, or how much can the production and works be preliminarily costly? Send a request with a photo of your building, a logo, a more detailed description of your wishes and comments in the general e-mail. email (* preliminary price calculations will be provided within 1-24 hours).

* by e-mail the keywords in the text of the email are automatically routed to the specific product specialist.