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3D printing

3D printing – Perfect for quickly creating prototypes, complex design elements, and simply testing the functionality of a future product and testing it before mass production. 3D printing has opened up new opportunities for architects and designers to unleash their imagination and create highly detailed products that cannot be made with a milling machine. 3D Printing is an environmentally friendly production method because, compared to milling, printing leaves no waste / scraps and consumes as much material as exactly needed to produce the product. This production method is particularly attractive due to its production deadlines and attractive price. Depending on your idea and product criteria, our advertising engineer will help to select the most suitable type of plastic from a wide selection, including transparent or flexible materials, and offer you the most optimal solution options.


  • 330x240x300mm maximum detail size.
  • Flexible materials – TPE / TPU
  • Possibility to print from two different materials or different colors

Materials for printing:

  • PLA – standard, antibacterial, ferromagnetic
  • ABS – standard, medical, fire resistant
  • PA (Nailonas) – PA6, PA12, with fiberglass (GF)
  • CPE/PP – chemical resistant plastics
  • PC (Polikarbonatas) – PC / ABS, PC / PTFE, with fiberglass UL94 (GF)
  • TPU/TPE – rubber of different hardness