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3D hologram, Neon and LED neon strip production

Neon and LED neon strip production.

Thanks to modern technology, the Neon sign can be made not only from glass tubes filled with gas (usually neon, argon or a mixture thereof, rarely xenon, krypton or helium), but by using LED neon strips, we create the same effect with less expensive materials. It also saves expenses for electrisity consumption nearly 3 times, becouse LED strip is more eficient. Economy from the start, so it’s worth thinking about which option will be better for your business. For example. : if the neon sign costs 500 Eur, the same LED neon sign will cost about 300 Eur + future saveings for electrisity.

3D Hologram Advertising Display LED Fan.

Hologram fan with modern advertising solutionwith  LED pixels on it. When the propeller starts to rotate quickly, a 3D animation is displayed by the smal LED. 3D holograms come in a variety of sizes from 45 to 80cm. 

Observing the spectacle gives the impression that the animation or image in the hologram rotates in the air. In supermarkets where holograms stand, they strongly attract the attention of people, especially children. In this way, when a product is noticeable and there is interest, sales also increase.

Rental of holograms with accessories for demonstrations, installation of stands.

Creation of hologram films / clips.

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