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We rent light boxes / signs. Standard dimensions, aluminum frame, front side covered plotted or printed sticker according to your chosen layout. Minimum rental period 6 months.

We rent photo wall constructions. The wall construction is easy to assemble, its size can be changed (2500×3000 mm, 2500×4000 mm, 2800×3000 mm, 3000×4000 mm, etc.), weight from 20 to 50 kg. . The front of the photo wall is a printed tarpaulin or printed fabric.

We rent rollups (850×2000 mm., 1500×2000 mm)

We rent light columns, elevation (300x300x1100 mm). Upon request, we can add stickers according to a pre-arranged layout. The color of the column lighting can be adjusted with the remote control, it can be white, blue, red or any other.

We rent donation boxes of various sizes.

Concert scene, podium.

At the request of the customer, we deliver, build and install all the rented products. We provide layout services.

There are additional conditions, so detailed information, rental options and conditions are coordinated separately for each rental case.