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Preparation of projects for advertising signs

Preparation of projects for advertising signs

We perform all promotional product design, production, installation processes from the idea to the final result.

Preparation of advertising projects. In order to install advertising, each object must have an advertising project and obtain permits from the relevant authorities. Reklamos4 prepares and coordinates advertising projects with the city municipality.

Required documents that we help to prepare:

Photo of the building
Visualization (photo with banner layout)
A copy of the trademark patent
Minutes of owners and co-owners voting (at least 51%)

In rare cases, the municipality requires additional documents such as: a copy of the plot plan, a copy of the file of cadastral measurements of buildings.

The documents must be submitted in at least two copies, signed and stamped by the head of the company with the mark “copy genuine”.

Coordination of the billboard project with the city municipality: from 70 to 250 Eur.

Preparation of a billboard project: one advertising project sheet 10 Eur (standard billboard project size 5-7 pages)

Withdrawal of the certificate of the Center of Registers about the registered real estate and its owners: from 10 Eur Other documents: one sheet 3 Eur

Preparation and coordination of advertising projects. Design, production, installation of advertising equipment throughout Lithuania and beyond!