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Design and drawings

Drawings, design, projects of advertising signs and other advertising products.

You have an idea, you have seen the vision of the product, you have noticed an interesting solution on a business trip and you want to make a non-standard product! You want to have a similar product – all you have to do is show a photo, draw it by hand or tell us.

Reklamos4 engineers will “purify” your idea or thought and provide a visualization!

It seems complicated to you, it is easy to us, because we have been doing it for 18 years.

We prepare a visualization of a drawing or project with dimensions and selected materiality. Such a minimum project, intended directly for the manufacturer, costs from 50 to 150 Eur plus VAT

Complex, time-consuming projects with technical description, detailed calculations – are done by several team members in consultation with professionals in the field, if necessary from other companies, because the quality of the product and a satisfied CUSTOMER are important to us.