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Decoration with stickers, film plotting, sticker sticking

Decoration with stickers, film plotting, sticker sticking

From the idea to the end result …

Wide range of glass decoration / decoration and gluing services, various and comprehensive decoration of objects with adhesive films and stickers.

Frosting of glass partitions and partitions in offices, workplaces.

We stick stickers on various surfaces and products: glass, shop windows and partitions, walls, doors inside and outside the premises, etc.

We use high-quality materials: multi-colored perforated film, “frost” film, plotted inscriptions, double-sided stickers glued from the inside and outside.

Sticker layout, production and gluing. We design, manufacture and seal.

We prepare photo wallpapers and other types of adhesive stickers for your contractors. Wallpaper printing and gluing works.

We sell Oracal stickers of various colors and stickers for different purposes. We prepare estimates for the production and gluing of stickers.

Interior design, production and installation of Reklamos4 products, interior advertising signs, office / business premises.

We perform preparation work based on the layouts, drawings and production files provided by you.