Advertising Production

Job type:

Manfacturing billboards, light boxes, volumetric letters, gluing of stickers, assembly, dismantling, cutting, trimming, milling, etc. of the signs. Driver category required – B.

Desired features:

Knowledge of production processes, ability to assimilate new technological solutions, initiative. It is possible to work part-time, several days a week.

Possible working areas:
  • sticker plotting and gluing,
  • advertising designer or layout designer,
  • manufacturing volumetric letters, lightboxes and billboards,
  • installation of volumetric letters, lightboxes and billboards.


Project Coordinator / Project Manager

Job type:

Coordination of new projects, brands.

Search for new markets, development of strategies, company representation.



Desired features:

Excellent marketing knowledge.

Excellent negotiation skills.

Knowledge of several languages.

Knowledge of advertising production processes, ability to create, offer, assimilate new technological solutions, initiative.

Required driver category- B.

Possible working areas:
  • representation in foreign markets,
  • organization and conducting of trainings and seminars,
  • visions, company representation and development strategy,
  • coordination of new brands.

We offer you:

Independent and responsible work, opportunities to realize professional ambitions in a modern company (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other European Union countries).

Social guarantees, life, critical illness and accident insurance, employee’s personal pension accumulation account, investment insurance (Mandatum Life) in the Tier II fund, incentives and bonuses for achieved results, unrestricted work schedule, reduced working hours (7 hours / day) and other internal motivational measures.