About us




History shows that the first brand to penetrate the consciousness, gets a twice bigger share of the market than the second or the third one. Most do not realize how important it is to be that first.

Everyone leaves a footprint on earth: when it is deep – it remains there for a long time, when it is right – it turns into a path.

We have started working as „Reklamos4“ (or „Reklamos ketvertas“, R4, r4advert) 17 years ago – this group of companies comprises of 3 companies based in the European Union member states. Currently in the premises of our company on Metalo street (~600 m2) we have three production workshops (UV painting, metal cutting and welding, large-scale assembly workshop, a separate workshop for small scale advertising products and a printing workshop).

Our press partners are helping us to quickly execute our large press orders. Therefore, it can be said that all services are carried out locally and that ensures a fast execution of the order. By executing orders from different European companies and individual people, we have earned their trust.

In the area of home advertising, R4 successfully collaborates with medical and educational institutions. We work in partnership and thus carry out advertisement orders for these establishments.

We offer a variety of solutions not only for large and well-known companies, but also for small businesses. We are loyal and flexible , so we do not refuse small orders of one product. On the contrary, we help our customers design, model and submit a project for a promotional product of various types.

Creative work, the production of new promotional products is the driving force behind our company.

Reklamos ketvertas” is not a mass production company (~ 0.700 million Euro turnover per year), therefore every client can flexibly adjust and plan each order and apply every product for themselves. We are highly motivated to provide efficient and high quality service to our clients. We cooperate with many advertising production and printing companies with whom we share information, experience, advice and orders.

All products are photographed and filmed, so the client receives a detailed report of the process. The work is planned with the Scoro business management program, and due to Ecofleet GPS technology, we can follow the traffic of the executive crews. This saves time and transportation costs, so the project coordinators can react quickly to changed plans or add a new task to the existing ones and execute it promptly.




r4advert has acquired strong values, knowledge and skills through 17 years of work experience and professional partner assistance.

Self-respect and respect to others…

Every employee, client and organization is important to us. We believe that respect fosters cooperation and loyalty.

Growth and improvement

We constantly analyse and evaluate the company’s activities and we strive to grow. Therefore, we develop our skills and improve our products.


We take our job seriously – we value competence and quality standards. A new product is a challenge for us. Production = creativity!

Pagrindinės Reklamos4 veiklos kryptys, vykdomos visoje Europoje:

  • R4advert design, production, installation
  • Design of indoor and outdoor advertising signboards (Europe)
  • Interior of office / business spaces
  • Advertising production (billboards, signboards, billboards, billboards, volume letters, light boxes, signage systems, billboards, billboards, awnings, etc.) and permission coordination (Europe)
  • Digital printing (Europe)
  • Metal cutting and welding
  • Manufacture of fabricated metal products, welding and forging
  • Powder coating, UV coating, sand blasting.
  • CNC milling and laser milling services (various types of plastic, plywood or natural wood, aluminum composite, etc.)
  • 3D holograms, 3D fen selling and renting
  • 3D sculptures
  • LED Neon Production
  • Manufacture and installation of wooden stands
  • Bonding various films on windows, glass partitions, cars, etc.
  • Design and layout services
  • Makeing logos, branding
  • Design and production of advertising signage and signage systems.
  • Advertising renovation / repair
  • Training (Advertising Master Specialty, Advertising Master Skill Development)